Les Contes Maudits

les contes maudits logo.png

FantasyMater is happy to present you its first project: Les Contes Maudits (short CoMa). The game is currently in the making!


Elizabeth was a young happy princess until the enemy invaded her kingdom; they burnt her home and killed her family. Now alone in the world, she lives in the slums, hollow and broken; until a powerful Lord takes her to his mansion. There, she will need to work as a servant. Will she, a proud and noble princess, be able to serve the wild and unpredictable princes that live within these walls?





Cinder is a prince with a dark past. His rash actions can sometimes make him feel ashamed. He is cold and selfish, but despite his mean demeanor, he can actually be very cute and caring.



Hanz is everything a prince should be, but it might be because he really is a prince. Hanz is honest and careful, but he’s also very insecure, which can make him turn distant. He is the “big-brother” type of guy, but don’t worry! He is fully aware of his reputation as a gentleman.



Red is fierce and burns with a rather particular passion; he is fueled by the desire to kill all wolves in his path. Much of a beast himself, it is advised to be careful near him as he is very unpredictable. Red acts very tough, but he has his soft spots. Will you be able to tame him?



Tael is of unknown origin but looking into his eyes, you might just see an ancient soul. Tael barely ever sleeps and is rather quiet. He keeps the demon of his past hidden deeply inside, but his torment is simply endless. 



Lord Raziel is a powerful man, but money doesn’t buy everything. Feeling often lonely, he likes to take people under his wing. Even though he is much appreciated by the people surrounding him, he is actually quite frightening. Many have compared him to a demon and his eyes will stare indefinitely into your soul. You should never make him upset…


Note: Several updates will be added later, such as the heroine’s design, overall project and demo news, maybe also some glimpses of the actual in-game art? *wink*